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Welcome to the online home of Selah Music Studio, a Wichita, KS based studio offering music lessons for a variety of instruments - LEARN! Then, once you've got the hang of it, go futher if you'd like with lessons guiding you in sheet music composition, songwriting, or improvisation - CREATE! Once you've written something you like, why not RECORD it at Selah Music Studio as well and have it filled out with strings, drums, or a plethora of other realistic sounding virtual instruments, produced by Greg Wilson, founder, instructor, and producer. *Note: Some pages still under construction. Contact Greg with all questions: 316-771-9721, call or text;

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Why Selah?

'Selah' is a Hebrew word that is frequently found in the psalms of the Bible. The definition I have found for it is that it means to pause and reflect on what has just been said earlier (in the psalm), and while you are reflecting, there could be an instrumental musical interlude... Thus, to me 'Selah' represents reflecting on truth via a creative outlet - music. Or in other words: expressing truth musically. I am a believer in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and His son Yeshua (Jesus), because of many manifestations of Them in my life. Thus, I desire to incorporate musical expressions of this faith into my music lessons, if the student is open to it. Regardless, I see music as a gift from God - a special language that can enrich one's life, and thus in my teaching, I want to share this gift with the student.MORE

About Greg

I grew up in Texas and Colorado and had an interest in music from a young age, banging on tinkertoy cans, etc... I formally started music training in 6th grade with percussion, and then branched to piano from there - self-taught with some lessons in high school... I loved sitting at the piano and exploring, discovering new flavors of chords and improv styles. I also picked up violin in high school - 10th grade, and loved it. Later, I got accepted to the University of Oklahoma's music composition program and did 2 years there, transferring to Oklahoma Wesleyan University where I got my BA in music, piano emphasis in spring of 2014. Since then I have taught at various times probably about 25 students - on piano, guitar, a little percussion, and beginner violin. I would love to share the gift of music with you, too.MORE

Our Location

We are at 2415 West 13th Street in Wichita, KS, next to Ace Hardware. Just go through the black gates to the left of Ace, and it's the last door on the right in that breezeway. Check out the map below for more help getting there.


Santiago Diaz

"The teacher was very friendly and smart, and his teaching style allowed me (one of his students) to learn very quickly (as long as I kept up on practicing.) Overall, I'd recommend Selah Music Studio to anyone seeking a great learning environment in order to advance in their music skill."

Adam Otto

"Greg was always willing to help out with things I was struggling with and has a great progression system!"