Selah Creative Services

Piano Improvisation Lessons

I would like to offer you the opportunity to essentially learn a new language - MUSIC, and specifically, how to express yourself musically at the piano, whether you have a real acoustic piano or just a keyboard.

I began exploring piano around middle school, with the help of some keyboard knowledge from school percussion (xylophone, marimba, etc, where I learned to read music). I found the possiblities fascinating on piano, with the various chords and chord progressions that could be made.

The piano is capable of evoking profound beauty of various moods and emotions - JOY, or SORROW, or DRAMA, or PEACE, and so on... Yes, if you are a complete beginner it could take some time to get the music flowing on the piano, also depending on how creative you are, but with my "CRM" Method, that is, Chord-Rhythm-Melody, I break down improvising on the piano into just those 3 components that you can practice individually and then learn to put together to begin to express yourself - drawing from your growing palette/arsenal of chords and rhythms, and then learning to incorporate melody using the notes of the scale of the key you are in, giving yourself a chance to explore melodic improvisation, with room for mistakes!

If you are interested or have more questions, please give me, Greg Wilson, a call or a text or send me an email:

316-771-9721 //

If you would like to give it a shot and do a first lesson with me (Greg), I teach in person (Wichita, KS) OR I can do online video call lessons through the app of your choice, although I prefer the 'Zoom' video call app, or Skype.

$10 - First Lesson
After that:
$20 - 30 min lesson
$25 - 45 min lesson
$30 - 1 hour lesson

If you would like to take online video lessons, please have your device set up at your piano or keyboard and we'll jump in! I will have my smartphone clipped into a holder that can get a nice bird's eye view of my hands and my keyboard. If you are in the Wichita, KS area, perhaps you or your child would like in person lessons - just let me know - I am at 2415 W 13th St on the west side of Wichita - (email and phone above).