Selah Creative Services

Live Music & Concerts

>> Senior Living Centers

Greg performing at The Regent Senior Living Center in Wichita, KS

I, Greg Wilson, perform a mix of background piano music, Christian vocal+piano songs of my own, hymns, and folk or love songs at various Senior Living centers around the Wichita, KS area. I would describe my background piano music as relaxing and a bit cinematic!

Listen to my "Fruits of the Spirit" piano improvisational album at this link.

Or check out my other vocal+instrumental song albums at the following link:
Bought with a Price Music

Bought with a Price is my artist name I go by, for songwriting.

I can also do singing with guitar. I am available to come to your senior living center in the Wichita area if you are an activity director, etc... at a place.

The general rate of pay I am payed for these events is

$50/hour or session

If your budget is lower, I am flexible. Or if you generally pay more than $50, I am flexible in that way as well!

>> Coffee Shops & Restaurants

Setting the mood at Adrian's Restaurant, Wichita

I am also available to bring my high quality weighted keyboard to your coffeeshop or restaurant to provide background, relaxing piano music that is peaceful and a bit cinematic, as I mentioned earlier... Listen to my "Fruits of the Spirit" piano improvisational album at this link, as I posted earlier (posted again for convenience).

For background music, if you have a budget for that, pay is great, but if not, allowing me to have a tip jar would be helpful!

>> Performing Venues

Psalm 121 - Set to Music by Greg Wilson

Maybe you are a restaurant or venue that features singing artists... I am also available to do that, singing my original Christian/Messianic songs written for keys and voice or guitar and voice.

Again, you can hear my vocal+instrumental work HERE, or find videos of me singing and playing at my youtube channel.

I currently do not have any other band members playing with me, but that could change in the future. Perhaps you have a budget to pay an artist like myself for a show like mentioned above.