Selah Creative Services

Movie/TV/Ad Scoring

I love to sit down at the piano and improvise music on a theme, telling a grand, dramatic beautiful story, and would love to do the same for your film, TV show, or TV commercial, provided the content is wholesome. I would "orchestrate the mood," whether it be suspenseful, peaceful, joyful, or sorrowful. Music is an amazing language that can convey these emotions.

Check out an example of a children's story video I composed and produced the music for:

Bit the Bot Children's Story Video, by Chris Lind
Background music/scoring by myself, Greg Wilson

My client was Chris Lind from Florida. Chris was satisfied with the scoring, and if you'd like to contact him, feel free to, Here.

Here's another example of a piece I've composed and produced that is cinematic in nature, and could fit in a movie or tv show. It's called:

A Country Carriage Ride

And one more example below, for which I would imagine a dramatic tense scene, waiting for results in a hospital, in a TV show: